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Our pool is now open through September 24th, daily operating hours are 7am to 9pm. Please tidy our area upon leaving so the next family can enjoy and remember glass containers are not permitted at the pool. Not only can they cause injury but it can do significant damage to our pool filtering system.

Individuals under the 13 must be supervised by someone 18 years or older. Individuals 14-17 years or older are permitted to attend the pool independently, however, they may not supervise others.

2018 Community Pool Party Schedule

· Saturday June 16th

· Saturday July 21st

· Saturday August 18th

If you have an interest in renting the clubhouse please click on the amenities tab and scroll down to the calendar for available dates. The rental fee is $50 with a $200 security deposit, forms are located on coltonridge.org Email support@mycmg.com with your rental form requests.

Missing your pool fob? Please email pool@mycmg.com noting if this is a request for a new or replacement fob. Replacement fobs are $25 and checks should be mailed to Cedar Management Group - PO Box 481349 Charlotte NC 28269. A fob is typically received within 5 business days following receipt of payment.

We are proud of our beautiful neighborhood and want to keep it that way!

Mold and algae needs to be removed from siding and fences because the wind will carry it to neighboring houses.

Trees need to be trimmed up to 10 feet above streets because you may be liable from your insurance company for damage done to trucks and vans if the branches are too low and cause damage to the vehicle.

Trees need to be trimmed up to 8 feet above sidewalks so that pedestrians don't have to duck or go around low hanging branches. Bushes also need to be trimmed back so that they are not protruding onto the sidewalk as well.

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